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Our Mission

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The Liv DanceArts Mission is simple...

Quality over Quantity

At LDA we don't believe that bigger is better. In fact, we believe that a smaller more intimate dance community is more conducive to the growth and development of well-rounded artists. This is why we cap our class offerings and class sizes. We are 100% committed to maintaining a program that is quality driven.


Strong dancers spend their time and energy focusing on technical basics throughout their careers. As LDA students master foundational skills we believe in adding supplemental techniques and genres that build upon that foundation. We give each student the time necessary to truly learn, understand, and master each level of dance before having them move on. It is much easier to prevent poor technique than to try to correct it. Slow and steady wins the race!

Individualized Attention

At LDA we know all of our students and families personally. We know their strengths and weaknesses and are dedicated to helping them accomplish whatever their dance goals may be. Each of the teachers at LDA touch base with each other about student progress ~ many times technical issues that a student is having in one class will present in another. We brainstorm on ways to help each individual student. 

Professional Level Teachers

All of our instructors have had substantial professional careers as either dancers with major companies or as dance educators with large and well established dance programs. Our Junior Faculty and Teaching Assistants have all been trained directly under our LDA Faculty members and have all been trained in all genres of dance at LDA throughout their dancing years. 


We believe that every child has the right to learn from a teacher who truly has the background and experience to help them grow and develop into amazing dance artists. All of our students - from the youngest to the oldest - benefit from our staff's incredible backgrounds and histories as dancers and educators who's lives are dedicated to the DanceArts.

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