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Love for Liv...

Pat Huddleston, Parent

The VERY BEST on the Peninsula.

Ria, Parent

My daughter has been at this program for the last 5 years. We have been through 2 other studios on the peninsula and neither of them compare to the exceptional training she has received thus far from this talented staff. Not only do they focus on strong technical training in various programs but my daughter has also learned the life lessons of responsibility, accountability, teamwork and strong work ethic.

LDA/PBS also has a supportive community of parents which makes it a lot fun to be a part of! It's truly the hidden dance gem of the Peninsula!

Gabrielle, Alumni

This studio has not only strengthened my technique as a dancer but also molded me as an artist! I can truly call it my home and I can't thank the faculty enough for all they have taught me!

*Gabrielle will be attending the world renown program at NYU as a Dance Major in the Fall! 

Brittney, Alumni & Parent

I was a student at PBS from the age of 8. I received all of my training from the world class instructors and went on to dance professionally. After my career finished I then went on to be an instructor for the school for many years. I now am on the board and have my own children attending classes here. I have been a part of this family in some manner for 29 years! I can't say enough great things about my jounrey with them.

Kim, Parent

Liv DanceArts, Professional Ballet School provides an excellent education in ballet, jazz, contemporary and lyrical styles. Their teachers are experienced and dedicated to their craft, and it shows in the dancers they mentor. My daughter has been attending there for twelve years now, and we could not be happier!

Kirsten, Student

I've been here my whole life and I would definitely call it my second home. (More like my first) I wouldn't exchange the memories I've made here for anything in the world. It has shaped me into the young artist I am today. Great technique and amazing faculty! 

Kris Portner lives and breaths dance education. She embodies a magical way of engaging the whole brained dancer in an age appropriate manner that makes hard work feel like fun. As a result, the type of dancer that Kris sculpts has a technical foundation, mixed with the ability to communicate emotion to tell a story.

Kris ensures each dancer has a chance to cross his/her line of bravery, cultivating a learning environment that includes trust in risk taking. As such, each class is appropriately challenging, with every dancer receiving adequate attention and personalized feedback.

Outside of the studio, Kris shines as an advocate for proper dance education. She believes educating the parents and families is just as important as the training that happens in the studio. She is approachable and takes into consideration every constituent when making decisions.

I highly recommend Kris and the faculty at Liv DanceArts, Profesisonal Ballet School. Together they are carving out and redefining quality dance training. No matter the age, children will leave each class with a smiling heart and a desire to return time and time again.

*Chippy is a long standing leader in the dance education industry. She served as the Director of Dance for the award winning dance themed Gabriella Charter School in Los Angeles CA, is a mentor for the UCLA Dance Department, and is currently the Director of Dance for the world renown Crossroads Academy in Santa Monica, CA. 

An open letter from

Chippy Zuniga Wassung M.A.,

Dance Industry Professional, 

about LivDanceArts Artistic Director

Kristen Portner 

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